Grants Available

Home improvement grants are available to home owners and some tenants with private landlords across the UK depending on their financial circumstances and the terms of their rental agreements. These grants are mainly provided by your Local Authority or council and are known by a variety of names including Home Repairs Assistance (HRA) grant, Renovation grant (RG) Home Improvement Assistance grant. In addition to these grants most local authorities are able to provide discretionary Emergency Repair Grants.

Due to the demand for these grants they are means tested and not everyone qualifies. Being on an income related benefit can help but you might qualify for assistance if you have a low income.

Your local council will usually try to make sure that there are grants available throughout the year but this is not always possible. In some areas the council have introduced loan and equity release schemes to replace grants.

There are other government funded grants available for specific repairs and improvements such as heating and insulation. These are generally administered through partnerships between the government and private contractors.

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